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When you call you will be speaking to Mark Parisi, our Dallas Manager.

Mark Parisi, Dallas Manager
Birthplace: Johnson City, NY and grew up In Endwell, NY. Spent 15 years in the Bay Area in CA where I got married and where our three kids were born. Also lived four years in the Chicagoland area before moving to DFW in 2001. We like Texas and plan on staying.
The main reason I work here: A combination of fulfilling a dream of being a business owner and providing a helpful service to people and families in local communities.
If I didn’t work here I would be: If I had to do it all over again I would have gone to culinary school but in reality I wouldn’t change a thing. Life has been pretty good and cooking is a nice hobby.
If it were 5 o’clock I would be:  Still working………
My philosophy on customer service: Is to always exceed expectations.
What are you most proud of: That’s easy, my family. I have a great wife who’s very supportive and we seem to have done a pretty fair job of raising three pretty awesome young adults.
If you could meet anyone, dead or living, who would it be: Well, I have two grandparents that I never had a chance to meet. Speaking with them would be great. Also meeting any past president of the United States and breaking bread would be fascinating.
If I could say anything: Be someone that people can count on no matter what and you’ll get the same in return.